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The Top 13 Trending Halloween Costumes for 2022

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and it’s time to make important costume decisions for you and your entire family.

If you can’t decide what to wear this year, then you’ll need to turn to Google to find inspiration from the trending Halloween costumes for 2022. Whether you want a pop-culture-inspired costume or a classic costume that stands the test of time, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals to you.

In this guide, you’ll learn about ten trending Halloween costumes for 2022 that will make a statement at all your events!

1. Stranger Things

If you or your family are fans of the hit Netflix show “Stranger Things,” you’ll be pleased to know that “Stranger Things” is near the top of the list for 2022 Halloween costumes.

Each season is the equivalent of an 80s fashion show, so you have plenty of decisions to make. Dustin’s science camp look and Max’s iconic blue jacket make for plenty of inspiration to make a costume you’ll never forget.

Whether you purchase a costume online or DIY one at home, you definitely won’t run out of options.

2. Barbie & Ken

With leaks from the upcoming “Barbie & Ken” movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling spreading across the internet – this year we’re going to be seeing an influx of bright pink, and blonde perfectly manicured hair.

While the movie has yet to announce an premiere date, it hasn’t stopped fans from pulling together bleach blonde wigs and the obnoxiously bright rodeo outfits for this year’s Halloween.

3. Wednesday Addams

As the original princess of Goth, don’t be surprised to see Wednesday Addams making a strong appearance this year at your Halloween gatherings and trick or treat events.

The new Addams Family series that’s set to launch at the end of November, and it’s jogging memory lane from the iconic Christina Ricci Wednesday Addams. So, while this resurgence may be popular with the teens, you’ll most likely see grown 80’s and 90’s kids (now in our 40’s!) rocking the black braids.

4. Hocus Pocus Witch

Dressing up as a witch never seems to get old, and in 2022 it’s at the top of the list for trending Halloween costumes. In fact, witch costumes ranked number one on Google trends “Freight Geist” this year.

If you’re going for a traditional witch costume, be sure to include accessories, such as a witch’s broom, warlock staff, makeup, or a classic witch hat.

“Hocus Pocus” costumes are also getting a lot of attention. If you’d like, you or your kids can dress up as one of The Sanderson sisters.

Mary, Winifred, and Sarah Sanderson costumes can be found across the internet and at local stores. If this sounds like a costume for you and your family, you’d better move fast because this popular costume is sure to sell out quickly.

5. Top Gun

It was 1986 when “Top Gun” first graced movie theaters. Maverick, Goose, Iceman, and Slider are all names you’ll never forget if you’ve watched the first movie. “Top Gun: Maverick” hit theaters in May this year, and it’s certainly taken hold just in time for Halloween.

Now, Top Gun costumes are more popular than ever before. Parents can relive their younger days by attending a costume contest as one of these famous characters.

Children can also quickly get into the fun by sporting sunglasses, military flight suits, and patches for some added flair.

6. Elvis Presley

Another blast from the past also makes its way into the current costume trends. To this day, “The King of Rock and Roll” is still highly regarded as an important cultural figure of the 20th century.

You can easily find Elvis costumes for the entire family to rock out in. From adult Elvis and Priscilla Presley costumes to Elvis onesies, it’s easy to find something that works for every member of your family.

Be sure to accessorize your look with wing-tip shoes and a guitar for added effect.

7. Dinosaur

Dinosaur costumes are more popular than ever this year, and it’s easy to understand why. They’re fun and cute and inspire wonder about our past.

The best thing about dinosaur costumes is how versatile they are. You can go as a T. Rex, Stegosaurus, or Pterodactyl. Inflatable ride-along dinosaur costumes for kids are sure to make you stand out at all Halloween events.

Pair this costume with a dinosaur treat basket, and your children will be ready for trick or treat.

8. Batman

This popular superhero has graced comic books and the big screen since the 1930s. Thanks to the release of “The Batman” in March of 2022, Batman Halloween costumes are a go-to costume this year.

You have many options if you plan to go with a Batman theme this year. Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Batgirl, and Robin costumes will all make a statement at any Halloween party. 

9. Pirate

Pirate costumes rank at number six this year on the list, and this theme is a great choice that gives you a variety of options when choosing a costume.

If you’d prefer DIY costume ideas, you’ll have a plethora of choices for kids, babies, couples, or the entire family. Be sure to look here to find tips and tricks for pirate hair braids, makeup, beards, and eyepatches to add some style to your costume.

The best part of a pirate costume is that you can use clothing you already have, like striped leggings and black boots, to tie everything together.

10. Cowboy

Did you ever dream of being a cowboy when you were a child? Maybe you didn’t, but with the popular “Yellowstone” series, we bet most of you have started daydreaming about life on a ranch. The good news is cowboys are trending for Halloween this year, so you can take this opportunity to make your childhood (or adult) dreams come true.

Luckily, cowboy costumes for all ages have a lot of versatility. You can opt for the standard cowboy and cowgirl look or focus more on a western theme. Davy Crockett, a sheriff, or an old west bartender are all fantastic options to consider.

11. Rabbit

Though a rabbit costume might seem basic at first glance, it’s actually one of the top seven costumes trending this year in the Google ranks.

If you’re looking for a fun fantasy theme for your children, a White Rabbit costume from Alice in Wonderland might do the trick. If you’d rather take a more comfortable approach, you can go with a soft, fuzzy rabbit suit.

White makeup, rabbit earrings, and rabbit ears can also pair well with clothes you already have.

12. Spider-Man

Spider-man has been around since 1962, making for a classic superhero costume that’s not only perfect for people of all ages but also right at the top of the list of trending costumes this year. And with the popularity of the Marvel movie series, this is likely a trend to stick around even longer.

Adult, child, and infant spider-man costumes are readily available.

Web slingers, spider man flashlights, and spider web trick-or-treat baskets are all fabulous accessories you can purchase to enhance your overall look.

13. 80’s and 90’s Fashion

From brightly colored spandex, to crop tops and JNCO style jeans, we are going to see a flux of 80’s and 90’s fashion making the rounds this Halloween.

With costume stores filling their shelves with Alicia Silverstone’s “Clueless” attire and the combat boot-rocking cartoon “Daria” accessories, it will certainly be a blast from the past for many.

Enjoy These Trending Halloween Costumes for Halloween

Now that you know the trending Halloween costumes for 2022, you can plan the perfect costume to make you stand out at any Halloween event.

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halloween costumes for 2022
halloween costumes for 2022


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